Monday, June 4, 2012

06042012 - Time to get back to work.

Todays weigh in: 244.8

Its been a rough few weeks for me, lost my cat, lost my car, and a host of other negative things. The effect was total stress and a complete lack of disipline. I gained back 4 plus pounds, I eat total crap and didnt care.

Worst is how I am feeling... After jumping ship I felt well yucky, I felt I have let myself down some. The food that was my friend for so long didnt satisfy me (well maybe not the peanut butter cups, lol) but honestly it didn't feel good AFTER I ate the items, they were just kind of there.

But, today all that is over now. Its time to get back to work. To eat correctly and to work out again. I have a goal, I have to focus, and I have 4 months and 5 days to do it. Starting up again has been hard honestly (the "I will do it tomorrow" excuse comes to mind) but I am determined to get there. I don't want to fall back into the routine that I got me to 300 pounds for so long. I've feel so much better with what I have lost.

But like I have said, best not to concentrate on the whole path, but chucks. step one: get to 225 (now 20 pounds away), step two: 200 by October.

I can do this :D

Friday, May 11, 2012

5/11/2012: Dietbet Challenge II Results!

Drumroll please!!!!!

The results are in and the official weight is....

240.4 lbs!

For the second time, I have beaten the Dietbet challenge weight! For those keeping track, when I started my first Dietbet Challenge, my weight was 268!!! So thanks to using the challenges to motivate me, I have lost a total of 28 pounds!!! Will I do a third challenge? It's very possible, but I want to wait for a few weeks before I decide for sure.

Looking back, I have lost 70+ pounds since the beginning. I have come a long way, and I still have some distance to go, and this part will be much harder for sure. So to Combat this, I will break my goals into 3 'chucks':

Chunk 1: My pre-married weight - 225
Chunk 2: The BMI line between Obese and over - 209
Chunk 3: My goal weight by October 9th - 200

The only chunk with a set date is the final one, because thats what it has been all along.

From there I figure I have 151 days until the goal, thats 5 months to lose the 40 pounds, so it comes out to 8 pounds every 30 days or 2 pounds a week. Kind of where I am right now anyway!

As for my 5K goal, thats back on the board too... I am a little sore from some extreme walking on Tuesday & Wednesday, but my knee doesnt feel like it had been. So once again, I will hit the treadmill and prepare for that goal :)

For today: Enjoy my second win! I plan to have a small off day. Don't worry, I don't plan on eating everything in sight. But, I have to celebrate a LITTLE! hehehe

Got to go, I will have other challengers coming in to weigh out on the scale of destiny! Have a GREAT day :D

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5/9/2012: Sorry I was away for a while

This Mornings weigh in (with clothes): 240.6
Dietbet days remaining: 2
Day remaining til Oct 9,2012: 152

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a bit, I was too busy with life to do it :D. Delhi is our little slice of heaven and we spent plenty of time there enjoying the surroundings. For those of you who don't know about Delhi, this is where the Misses & I wish to grow old sooner rather then later. Its 3+ acres of land with a little house in the middle of it, hidden from the road, its very private. we have a LOT of work to do on the grounds, but its a work of love. After all, once we get there, we just might need cheap hobbies for a while ;)

But in our current situation, its our get away. We like to relax and enjoy ourselves there, and we were VERY good about that! It's amazing what a few months of diet eating will do to your food desires, and the urge to indulge just wasnt there as bad. Sure I had some large Kahlua & Creams, but nothing worse then that. Amazing!

Yesterday I went with a friend of mine to the water front by shore parkway. Hes very fit, and what would be a workout for me is nothing but a relaxing walk for him. Still I kept up with him as best as I could, and would have done more if it wasnt for the weather. I dont mind having a drill instructor type pushing me around some ;).

This morning scale reading were definitly to my liking. When I woke up, I weighed in (naked mind you) at 237.8! The number you see above in the header is with my clothes on AND after breakfast!!! So long as I behave myself for the next few day, I should cruise to victory on my Dietbet challenge easily!!!

More importantly, my wife hit a new low, Insulin wise: 95! For me, thats just as good as any weight loss on her part! While we know it will bounce, it is nice to see her wake up with her numbers in the right place at least for one morning!

Well thats it for now, more to come soon, I promise I won't be away too long ;)

Monday, April 30, 2012

4/30/2012: Dieting in Delhi

This Mornings weigh in (with clothes): 243.8
Dietbet days remaining: 12
Day remaining til Oct 9,2012: 162

Delhi, my personal slice of the American dream, I have returned :D

This is where I come to "get away from it all". Its the grand escape from everything city related. Grass, trees, no noise or neighbors, hot tub, etc. But as far as things to do... there isn't much to do in this sleepy little place. In my opinion everyone needs to have a little place like this to come too. It's honestly another world.

The biggest problem (well recently anyway) is that this falls into an escape and or a vacation, and we like to eat and drink alot here! Our favorite supermarket, Price Chopper is here, and open 24/7 for your food desires! It's just overflowing with snacks and junk food. As usual, we shopped for our stay here, and thankfully left with only some sugar free pudding and fat free whip cream in the cart. Not bad for a couple of people who at one time would bring back almost as much in snacks as we did real food!!! We also have some "diet bombs" in the house to contend with... snacks from past trips, booze (lots of booze, this is Camp Sisco after all), etc. But with no corner store right downstairs, we should avoid the traps easily.

Though its our escape, this is not to say I am off my diet! I have brought our scale with me so I am reminded that I have a goal in mind. The immediate one is Dietbet, which ends on May 11th. I have 12 days to shed about 3 more pounds. I haven't been 100% on my diet this time around, but I feel its certainly easy to finish on the win side. Being 240 or less with 150 days to go will be terrific!!

After this round of Dietbet, my next small goal is to hit 225.. I have not seen that number on the scale in a VERY long time. Looking at 43.8 pounds is a tough number, but looking at it in chunks makes it easier in my opinion. 3.8 pounds now, 15 pounds from 240, and then poof 25 to get to my 200 pound goal! :D nice!!! At my current weight, looking at the avgerage weight loss a month also helps. with 5 months to go, thats just under 9 pounds a month :D totally do able!!

OK enough blogging, time to enjoy Delhi for what its worth. I will check in again soon!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

4/26/2012: San Jaun for a day :D

My header is on break today :)

A friend of mine offered me a great deal to go down to San Juan for a day. After making sure I had nothing going on, I took him up on it. All I have to say it was a terrific day, and I plan to do it again as soon as I can!

Getting on the plane at 7am, we took the 4 hour flight down. I have to say, I was impressed by how roomy the seat was. True, these seats were a bit oversized, but I have also become a bit smaller since the last time I was on a plane! I was very comfortable for the trip down.

Lets be honest, I didn't even THINK diet for the day. I wanted to experience some local food, have some drinks, and generally have a good time (which I did). The weather was terrible, it poured for most of the 6 hours we were there. But I didn't care, I was there to enjoy myself.

We started with lunch, it's amazing how Americanized the areas visited were. McDonalds, Subways, Wendy's. Chinese food, Sushi... it took us some time to actually find a place that served the local food we wantyed to enjoy. After all, if I wanted a cheeseburger, I could do that at home.

Beer, and food consumed, I bought an umbrella and we walked towards Old San Juan. I believe all the rain for the month came down on our heads, we were soaked to the bone. Hitting the Hotel that had a "Casino" in it, we decided to try our luck on some slots to wait out the rain. That worked, and we continued our walk.

It was a longer walk then my friend & I expected, but I didn't care, as far I was concerned, we were walking off our lunch ;). When we got to Old San Juan, It felt like they caught a bad case of "outlet fever". Guess, Coach, Radio Shack, and other stores lined the streets. It reminded me of if the New Orleans French Quarter collided with a mall. Where was the local crafts and wares? Oh well, I didnt care, I was in it for the moment, not for the shopping. I snapped some pics of what I felt were touristy scenes, and got a few things for my hunny. She's into little things, like magnets and shot glasses. That kind of shopping worked perfectly for this day trip, as it all justs fits in my carry bag.

Shopping and pics done, we headed to find a bar to get a little buzz before we headed back to the plane. We found Senor Frog, and THAT place just felpt like an Applebees's. Even the employees werent local! lol oh well, we had no time, and wanted to enjoy... down the hatch.

Hit a cab, headed back to the airport, and headed home. It was a smaller and older plane, and was a lot more crowded then our trip down. Still, even with the smaller seats, I was comfortable.

We touched down at 10pm. The trip over, It was an awesome experience. We traveled 8 hours for 6 hours in San Jaun, and we ended up ak JFK 16 hours after the trip began. And you know what? It was TOTALLY worth it!!! We plan on doing that again soon, just a different part of the world next time, and maybe an overnight.

As far as my diet went, I was B.A.D. lol I pulled out all the stops and eat whatever I wanted. Yes my body has to process yesterday, but I don't regret it. It was worth it. I'm back back on the diet today, and will get to where I need to be.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Todays Weigh in (With clothes): 242.8(?)
Days til my 200 pound goal: 168
Days to Dietbet Weigh In: 17

So I heard from my mom that the Dietbet Interview is on NY1 Today. Havent seen it yet though, I am looking for a link on the website to post, but so far, no luck. Still no idea when the runner's world blog will come up. The whole process has been a fun thing to do, and all in the cause of losing weight :). Who would have thought that ~I~ would be a local diet icon ;)

My dietbet challenge is going well, I did weigh in less then my last post, but I had to take my bffl to the doctor, so the weight number is kind of hazy ;). I also see that lots of my challenger are doing well too! As I constantly state, this was not about money, but to get everyone to get some of those winter pounds off :D. Remember my friends I am rooting for you all!

From there, the diet is going well! I have been eating what I enjoy, just minus the carbs whenever possible. The Fat Head approach seems to be working well for me, and From the looks of it, I will be keeping it up. Looking forward to a bacon cheeseburger (no bun, that important) for lunch. As for dinner, I think pork chops are on the list. I still feel its really about the refined carbs more then fat.

On the exercise front, my knee is still tender, so I am still not using the treadmill. I don't like this one bit, but I need to heal up some or I will always pay for the days activities. It doesnt mean I am standing still however, I still go out and walk about a bit, or use the treadmill at a low walking speed.

Tomorrow is a definite off day, as I will be day tripping to San Juan. I plan to enjot some of the local food, and maybe a beer or two! Honestly, I am not a beach goer, but for this trip I will give it a try!

So have a great day, and I will talk to you on Thurday or so :D.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Really OFF day yesterday

Todays Weigh in (With clothes): 248.8
Days til my 200 pound goal: 171
Days to Dietbet Weigh In: 20
5K training day: Day 0 (again, ugh)

I had an off day yesterday, and not a little one. It seemed like the perfect storm happend. No Sleep, knee was not even letting me get comfy on the treadmill, work was just not going to happen, etc. I just gave in. Like all days it started out good, keeping the carbs low, etc. but by the afternoon, I was in full I need it NOW mode, and I didn't have the desire to fight it. So I had things like a king size Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, and Pork Rinds, and to finish off, a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Med Fries, and 4 Chicken Nuggets (With a diet coke though lol)

But As I know from my past, this one day will not make or break me. I will get over a bad day, or a little cheat here and there, Its part of the journey. I actually dont like I let myself down, no morning after guilt. But just to be sure, I put my Dietbet weigh in the goal zone.

Speaking of goals, my knee is still hurting from last Monday. I will give it the weekend and not even attempt to get on the treadmill. I have enough walking and stuff to do so I wont be on my butt all weekend on the couch :D. I am hopeful for a full return on Monday :D

OK got my stuff to do, and places to be. Tonight is the Karaoke Wheel of Death and I have some shopping to do for it, etc. This will be fun!!!


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